The Content Plan To Scale Your Business.

Many Digital Entrepreneurs understand you need to post regular content... but there is ONE BIG FAT PROBLEM!

Their content doesn't map their Client's Journey. Let me explain...

More and more people are stepping into the entrepreneur space and it’s getting harder to get eyeballs on your content. Most people post content for the sake of posting content without considering their ideal client’s journey. They blend in. They put in a lot of work don’t get me wrong. They post consistently- but don’t have the results to show for it.  

But here’s the thing, you need to realise that Facebook Live’s, webinars and ads IS NOT the key to your success. Whilst these can be very effective marketing tools, they won’t get you the results you want on their own. That is why you need a clearly defined content plan that builds an audience of your ideal clients (and not your family and friends or fans who don’t buy from you). 

 We are social creatures. Some studies show connection is just as important to humans as food, water and shelter. So if this is true, in a digital era, how do we connect with our ideal clients to grow our business? This connection that we crave, albeit digital, is bringing with it huge potential for people like you and me to reach and connect with our ideal audience at large scale. But its’ not as easy as it sounds right!  

Showing up, being authentic and giving value in a way that speaks to your target audience that takes them on the hero's journey. It's your client's journey from feeling frustrated to elated after working with you.

So what’s this magic content formula?

 It’s the mix of you, the value you offer… matched with an understanding of your client's journey and their deep wants, needs and desires.  

This formula is working for hundreds of business owners and with the right plannig it can work for you too! 

Using this 90-Day Content Plan you'll be able to plan your content, show up consistently knowing exactly what to share, and have more time to do what you love, with simple steps that connect with your ideal clients leaving you feeling  

🤩 More confident - Yer! 🤩 More connected - Hell Yer! 🤩Inspired to stand out from the crowd!!

Plus I've added some awesome FREE bonuses! Whaaattt! 🙋🏼‍♀️  

So jump on in, Michelle  

Want a Sneak Peak?!

I've put together this Content Worksheet plus Calendar so that you'll have your next 90-Days of content that allows you to show up consistently, without that tight knot in your stomach wondering what to post for the sake of posting, that will build your audience and do the selling for you.

Wanting to live your purpose and share your awesome work, is a beautiful thing. But getting stuck on creating content and connecting with the people you really need to reach...not so much. I totally get it. I’ve been there and it ain’t fun! That’s why I made this free video series. In it I share how it all comes down to these 3 things. Clarity, Connection and Trust. 

In this module I share a structure for writing content that speaks to your ideal clients, builds connection and positions you as an influencer. 

This is perfectly suited to accompany your video content.

A Little Splash of Feedback! 

Michelle is a marketing master and with her training, tips, guidance and support she has transformed my confidence in marketing my business. Danielle

Michelle is professional and very clear in her approach. Her strategies are clever and easy to follow which was important to me as I’m not very marketing or tech savvy but Michelle’s warm nature and patient manner make her a pleasure to deal with.. Danni